The Real You is a pop-punk band based in Gainesville, Florida. I have gotten the opportunity to work with the band on multiple projects over the years, taking on the role as freelance designer and photographer. Starting back in 2019, I began designing tour posters and taking photos at their live shows, which led on to designing merchandise, shooting photos and videos on tour, and creating animations for their music on Spotify.

Hanging T-Shirt Mockup.png
Male-BackSide- T-Shirt-Scene-Mockup.png

Above: The designs above were for the most recent release of merchandise for the Real You which corresponded with their single called, "High Life". The design refers to the opening line to the song, which states, "Maybe I'm drinking too much, it's becoming a problem,". The previous tour that I joined with the band, involved major consumption of Miller High Life, so I created this design as nostalgia from memories on tour as well as reference lyrics from the song.

Right: I created this animated gif for The Real You's latest single, "Van's Manager Type Beat". The song is upbeat and jumpy, and with its quirky title, I created a gif that aligns with the tempo and overall vibe of the song. The subject of a skeleton was used to represent the theme in the song, which describes losing yourself in a relationship and becoming this shell of a human, which ultimately leads to self-destruction.


The photos above were taken from The Real You's first few shows back since the pandemic. I joined the band on a small weekend tour with a few Florida shows and one South Carolina show. With these photos, I focused on capturing stage lighting and motion.

 I joined The Real You for their Summer Run 2019 tour as photographer and social media manager. The video above and photos below document our time on tour, which would be last set of shows for two years, prior to the global pandemic. This was a learning experience for me, as this was my first experience with concert photography.